The Equestrian Broadcasting Company Presents Fallout Equestria Episode 2, Saturday at 7pm EDT on PonyvilleFM:

Fans of the Fallout: Equestria series rejoice! The newest episode of the very well-produced FoE radio play will be premiering on Ponyville Live’s own PonyvilleFM this Saturday afternoon.

For all the details, check out the EBC’s press release below:

After months of hard work, the Equestrian Broadcasting Company is proud to present the next chapter in the thrilling saga of the Fallout: Equestria Radio Play. In the last episode, we left our young heroine, Littlepip, as she was swept up in a series of events that would change her life forever.

Having left the comforts of her stable, Littlepip is subjected to the vast and harsh nature of the Wasteland for the very first time, and although she is mere feet from the place she had lived her whole life, she couldn’t be further from home. How will she adjust to the horrors lying in wait around every turn? Where could Velvet Remedy have gone, and for what reason?

What does the future hold for our heroine in the making?

Find out in Fallout Equestria Episode 2: Into the Wastes.


Tune in to PonyvilleFM Saturday, May 24, at 7PM Eastern (Sunday 00:00 GMT) for the grand premiere. If you are unable to attend the premier broadcast, PVFM will air the episode again on Sunday at 7AM Eastern (12:00 GMT).

Fallout: Equestria Radio Play

Episode 2: Into the Wastes


Jessi Nowack (Nowacking) as Littlepip
Eileen Montgomery (EileMonty) as Velvet Remedy
Adam Hastings (Scorch Mechanic) as the Narrator
Matt Bunch (MisterShoebox) as Monterey Jack

Also featuring the voice talents of:

Justin Levens (Xlerb)
Evan McMillin
Hamish Boyle

Based on the story by Kkat

Adapted for radio by RadioHooves and LeatherDuster

Editing and sound design by Warbalist, Lyonize, and TicTac

Original soundtrack by Warbalist and Pashoo

Visual art by Acesential and Pashoo

Casting by Matt Bunch (MisterShoebox)

Project Coordination by Dalken Starbyne

Public Relations and Release Planning by The4thaggie

Special Thanks:

Squeak Anon


Fallout: Equestria includes characters and settings inspired by “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and “Fallout”. The Equestrian Broadcasting Company is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Hasbro, Inc. or Bethesda Softworks, LLC. Fallout: Equestria is a derivative parody work produced under the provisions of Fair Use. 

Please support the original properties.


Pre-Episode Boiler Barn Mix Featuring Kyderra on BronyTV and PonyvilleFM:

For those of you who don’t know about the “Boiler Barn”, it’s a special show that our electronic/DJ station PonyvilleFM puts together in partnership with our streaming station, BronyTV, before every weekend’s episode. Each weekend has something a little different, with a variety of live DJs performing awesome sets to get everyone in the “pony spirit” and excited before the episode starts.

This week we have something special for our Boiler Barn: we are starting 30 minutes early with a special set by Kyderra, a PMV set! You heard right: it’s filled with tons of songs, all with PMVs to go with them! It’s starting at 7:30 AM EDT, followed at 9:20 by a 3-episode restream of “Somepony to Watch Over Me”, “Maud Pie”, and “For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils” leading up to the new episode, “Leap of Faith”, streamed live from the Hub at 10:30 AM EDT, with a restream at 11:30 AM EDT.

As always, Mirality will be hosting his random pony event at 6 PM EST and Cards Against Humanity at 8 PM EST Friday night.

Stick around later on Saturday night, ‘cause at 10 PM EST we have Twitchy After Dark discussing last weeks episode.

The mix will also be streamed as audio on PonyvilleFM at the same time.

Shards of Disharmony Launch Event

Join us on Thursday, March 27 at 8:00PM (Midnight, 28th March GMT) as we celebrate the release of the new collaborative Brony album, Shards of Disharmony, by airing it here first! Showcasing tenured PVFM DJs and featured artists, it pretty much HAS to be awesome!

Check out a pre-preview HERE!